LPN nurse

Licensed Practical Nurses are often entitled to extra overtime pay during any week that they work more than 40 hours.  Work is more than just the time spent with patients. Work includes charting, driving between patients, getting supplies, reviewing notes and scheduling, meetings, taking samples to the lab, etc.  If you are an LPN, and all the activities you spend on behalf of your employer or your patients exceeds 40 hours in any week, you are likely entitled to overtime pay.

Even if an LPN receives a set “salary” or is paid a “fee per visit,” that LPN is likely entitled to overtime whenever he or she works more than 40 hours in a workweek.    

The Department of Labor has explained that LPNs are not exempt from the overtime laws. Click here to read the Department of Labor report. Despite this plain and clear requirement, many LPNs either get no overtime or are not paid overtime for all the work they perform over 40 hours in a week.  Sometimes, employers pay some overtime but do not count all the time worked. For example, LPNs must be paid for all time spent charting or completing other paperwork or reports. LPNs also are entitled to be paid for time spent driving between patients' homes.  LPNs are improperly denied overtime on a regular basis. The best course of action is for a qualified lawyer to do a complete analysis of your claim.

If you are an LPN who works over 40 hours per week but does not get overtime pay, then you should call us for a free, confidential analysis of your claim.