attorney jerry e martin

Jerry E. Martin

Jerry E. Martin served as the presidentially appointed United States Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee from May 2010 to April 2013.  As U.S. Attorney, he made prosecuting financial, tax and health care fraud a top priority.  During his tenure, Mr. Martin co-chaired the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee’s Health Care Fraud Working Group. He rejoined the firm after leaving office.

Mr. Martin specializes in representing individuals who wish to blow the whistle to expose fraud and abuse committed by federal contractors, health care providers, tax cheats or those who violate the securities laws.

Mr. Martin has also represented a number of health care workers in lawsuits alleging overtime violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). 

Mr. Martin is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Stanford University’s School of Law.

attorney peter winebrake

Peter Winebrake

Attorney Pete Winebrake has litigated hundreds of civil lawsuits in courts throughout the United States and has recovered tens of millions of dollars for American workers and their families.

Regarded as one of the Nation’s most successful and prolific wage/overtime rights lawyers, Mr. Winebrake has represented thousands of employees in wage/overtime rights lawsuits throughout the United States.  His practice ranges from large “class action” lawsuits brought on behalf of hundreds of employees to “individual” lawsuits brought on behalf of single employees.  Mr. Winebrake believes that employees with valid legal claims deserve to be represented by competent, ethical, and hard-working counsel.  In evaluating a client's potential case, Mr. Winebrake focuses primarily on the quality (rather than the size) of the legal claim.