Many skilled home health nurses, therapists, and other skilled workers are paid a fee per visit. These pay arrangements often can violate federal overtime laws.  We have recovered millions of dollars for home health nurses, therapists, and other skilled workers who are paid a fee-per-visit but get no extra overtime pay for putting in long hours.  Click here for more Information.

licensed practical nurse

Under federal law, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are often entitled to extra overtime pay during any week they work over 40 hours. This can include time spent on driving, charting, taking samples to the lab, and many other activities.  Sometimes employers only pay some of the overtime that is owed. If you are an LPN who is not getting time-and-a-half for every hour over 40 you spend on behalf of your patients or employer, you may have a claim.  Click here for more information.

home health aide

New regulations require employers to pay home health aides and caregivers overtime for every hour over 40 spent working. This includes time spent driving between patients’ homes.  Additionally, some state laws have always required employers to pay overtime, but unfortunately many simply ignore the law.  If you are a home health aide or caregiver who doesn’t get overtime for all hours worked, then call us to evaluate your claim. Click here for more information.

medicare fraud

Home health companies that take Medicare and Medicaid money must comply with strict reimbursement guidelines.  Fraud in the home health industry is rampant.  If you are aware of fraud in your workplace, you should know your rights and learn how you can take action.  Last year, the Department of Justice paid whistleblowers $435 million for exposing fraud in the workplace. Click here fore more information.